Credibility in Neuroscience webinar on reporting


Credibility in Neuroscience webinar on reporting


This webinar was broadcast on 19 August 2020 as part of the British Neuroscience Association’s (BNA) work to ensure that neuroscience research is as robust, reliable, replicable, and reproducible as possible – increasing credibility in neuroscience.

Find out how we can take steps to improve the credibility of how neuroscience research is reported by using some of the new innovative ways to do this.


Joseph Clift (British Neuroscience Association): Introduction to the BNA and Credibility in Neuroscience (1m 36s)

Dr Johan Carlin (University of Cambridge): ‘How statistical power influences expected reproducibility’ (7m 48s)

Dr Guillaume Rousselet (University of Glasgow): ‘Registered reports’ (27m 25s)

Prof Rik Henson (University of Cambridge): ‘Preregistration posters’ (43m 10s)

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